Watercolor Supplies

We have cataloged the best watercolor materials available here in the states, supplies we use and highly recommend.  There are many great watercolor materials overseas and over the next several months we hope to have them up here on the page.

Awesome Portable Watercolor Palette

Click To Buy – Watercolor Palette by Portable Painter | Travel – Pocket Size – Quality | Simplify Your Life

Description:  I have a large box fill of portable supplies trying to find the right one for any occassion and this palette is just that.  Two brushes, collapsable, two cups for water, brush holder, 12 slots for paint and plenty of mixing space, and it all fits in your pocket.  It is the size of a smart phone and the water cups add support to both sides of the palette so you can place it on your leg if you are sitting, without it falling off.