Studio Consultation

Lemenaid will do creative consultation visits for your studio or business, offering instruction on conceptualization and ideation, workflow, studio instruction on a variety of subjects.  

The conceptualization stage and concept design is a stage in production that is pushed to output faster than ever before.  Sometimes the idea well runs dry when a milestone is close and it is going to take a miracle to get the team inspired to find the right idea.  We have exercises that can send the art team off in new directions, identify the design patterns and shuffle them up, or sometimes help identify what the real source of the design is that will help bring a cohesiveness back to the “whole” project again.

Smaller studios are known for hiring an artist to do a task and it turns out that the artist has to manage several tasks at once that they had no idea would be dropped on their plate.  As much as these tasks might at first feel like responsibility equals importance and therefore our importance has grown, these micro tasks, or multiple tasks can soon lead to missed milestones and deadlines.  We can look at this workflow with you and give you some advice on how to better manage the situation, where redundancy or bottlenecking might be occurring, we can help you look at the big picture and find solutions to alleviate the stress for time or man power.

Studios will often change direction and work on a new project which requires new skill sets for the art team to acquaint themselves with the subject matter.  Sometimes a game will take on a stylized look and feel which requires the artists find a way to match or meet the required needs of the style.  And sometimes studios are generous and offer their staff classes on skill building.  Lemenaid can bring the classroom to you and help stylize a lesson plan to work with the team over a scheduled period of time.  We’ve done this with several different studio divisions of Sony, Activision, and Blizzard Entertainment, and it has proven to be very successful for the artists and other staff members who enrolled in the classes.

We want to help you make a better product, enjoy the creative process without frustration, and tighten the creative team up, which in turn makes for an desirable work environment and a great work experience for everyone. 

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