Inking Supplies

The following list is the best supplies still on the market.  Inking supplies have been changing a lot lately, many good inks have disappeared, while new companies have formed.  We are trying to stay on top of this category, and the list below is what we consider the best materials still available.

Quink Ink

Click To Buy – PARKER QUINK Ink Bottle, Black, 57 ml

Description:  Quink is made of squid ink and does some of the coolest effects when water is added to it.  The ink separates into two different components, one is orange like, the other is blue.  Doing washes with this ink is a magical experience.

Windsor Newton Series 7 Brushes

Click To Buy – Winsor & Newton Series 7 Brush Gift Set Includes 4 Small Rounds

Description:  This is the only place left to find these fantastic brushes made for perfect inking lines, feathering and fill.  It is sad to see these brushes no longer made, if you are a comic inker and still work traditionally, get these brushes before they disappear forever.

Porcelain Cup for Inking

Click To Buy – Saki Cup-Inking Cup

Description:  These saki cups are fantastic for inking.  Flip the cup over and the bottom is a small ink well with a raw porcelain edge that perfectly sharpens your brush back to a point when running the brush across the edge.  These cups are difficult to find, this link will send you to a set of them ordered from Japan.