This page has a collection of the best how to books on the subject, from writing to drawing, building a portfolio or self publishing.  The collection of books here is a great shelf of books for the serious artist wanting to step into the world of comics, e-comics, and graphic novels.

Click To Buy – Unnatural Talent: Creating, Printing and Selling Your Comic in the Digital Age

By Jason Brubaker

The Book in Three Sentences:  This is the best book on self-publishing comics out there.  It is absolutely thorough, from the ideation and creation process, to printing and distribution, the book covers everything.  He gives links to everyone and everything he quotes in the book, links to resources for printing, publishing, kickstarting, designing, and building a site to view them on.

Click To Buy – Understanding Comics

by Scott McCleod

The Book in Three Sentences:  Without a doubt this is “the” book to get if you are first entering into the comics field, and the book to get to keep you in check if you are a working professional.  Complete with everything you need to know about how and why you read, make, and dream comics.  Of course, it is totally complete with pictorial examples, as it is written and illustrated in comic form to illustrate his points.