Oil Painting Supplies

These are the best oil materials around.  There are several different brands here, I have put the brands I highly recommend at the top of the list.  The list is extensive and broken into sub categories.

Escoda Oil Bristle Brushes

Click To Buy – Escoda Clasico 4729 Oil & Acrylic Chungking White Bristle Paint Brush Filbert; Size 8

Description:  These are the best brushes on the market, with full handles, and hand crimped ferrule.  They are well balanced very springy.

Blue Ridge Oil Paints

Click To Buy – Blue Ridge Oil Paints

Description:  These are some of the very best oil paints around, hand made, genuine materials, and fantastic prices.  Eric Silver is an amazing person and the company is worth supporting.

Da Vinci Oil Paints

Click To Buy – Da Vinci Oil Paints 37ml Tubes

Description:  The most chromatic colors in town, and the most consistent with matching colors.  From what I am told, you can compare a tube now from when they first manufactured the color.  Clean colors, chromatic, spread nicely, a fantastic paint for most modern applications and techniques.  Da Vinci also has an Old Masters line of colors that are also great to work with if you are doing a layered painting technique.