Our Mission

Art is a universal language that we all have the potential to learn and develop a dialect within. We believe in that individual voice and strongly support the unique, fresh take each of you have to offer the world. We created Lemenaid as a site to help you clarify that voice, reboot your skills, and/or help you (re)launch your career. We’ve developed a process to make it easier for you to understand a logical and procedural path to quickly learning the language of art and the tools you use to make it with. If you already have a career, we’ve built a customized system for rebooting or skill-building around what you already know and understand. These systems we have developed preserve your voice (style) and help support it rather than change it.

About Us

Ron and Vanessa Lemen are professional artists in various industries and art educators for a combined 40+ years teaching experience. Both have worked for various clientele including Sony Entertainment, Blizzard, Wizards of the Coast, Disney Entertainment, Marvel Comics, Lucas Arts, Universal Pictures, and more. The two instruct at many workshops across the country throughout the year and work with many schools online. Between personal projects, they both contribute time and create content for various art education websites and regional art associations. For more information on each of the artists click on the names below to redirect you to their personal bio pages.

Ron Lemen

Vanessa Lemen