Sketching Materials

These are materials I recommend when doing casual sketching or travel sketching.  I will divide this section into casual sketching materials and travel materials.

Click to Buy – Palomino Blackwing Pencils – 12 Count

Blackwing Palimino Graphite pencils are the best sketching pencils in town.  They are buttery and smooth, no other pencils really compare.  I like this particular grade the most because it offers the widest range of value.  Buy them by the box as you will use them up quickly.

Palomino Blackwing Pencils

Click To Buy – Blackwing Pencils

Description:  I added this to the list because some of you want to buy direct from the supplier.  Here is the link to the Palomino site and directly to the pencils page.

Aluminum Clipboard – Low profile

Click To Buy – Saunders Recycled Aluminum Clipboard – Recordkeeping Tool with Low Profile Clip and Built-In Hanging Hole. Office and School Supplies

Description:  Aluminum is the way to go if you get a clipboard, and I do recommend getting one.  When we first start off learning to do art, practicing and sketching is so much easier to approach when it is done on printer paper than in an expensive sketchbook.  The plastic clipboards can crack under stress, these aluminum clipboards are solid and have a good grip from the brushed aluminum.

Cottonwood Landscape Format Sketchbook 5.25 x 8.5 Card Stock 60 sheets

Click To Buy – Cottonwood Designer Sketchbook 5.25X8.5

Description:  PLEASE DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE BINDING!!!   It is the best binding for a sketchbook around.  It is not spiral but folds back and to me that means a lot when it comes to convenience when sketching.  The paper is solid, but I am totally sold on its binding.

Nomad Art Satchel(s)

Click To Buy – Nomad Art Satchel

Description:  Darren Yeow has set out to design the ultimate art travel bag for quite some time now, and has made several variations from the Nomad Classic to all the new current variations.  They are well built, versatile, and are exactly what the artist needs on those artistic excursions into the unknown.