Field or Outdoor Sketching

The books on this page are dedicated to the craft of sketching outdoors, on location, on the go.  There are manuals and collection books in this section, all worthy of owning if your love is traveling around and sketching.  The collection books are inspiring for anyone who uses a sketchbook, filled with various approaches to drawing, and how different artists use their sketchbooks.

Click To Buy – Sketching – from Square One to Trafalgar Square

By Richard E. Scott

The Book in Three Sentences:  This is an awesome book for someone just learning to draw, and for anyone who is interested in sketching on location, packed from cover to cover with explanations and exercises.  Richard gives fantastic explanations for the basics of drawing including “Why” with every step in his demonstrations.  There is also a great chapter on emotional response to what we see and reacting to that instead of academically or technically drawing it.