Lemenaid Instruction

Lemenaid has a variety of platforms to choose from when it comes to one-on-one training.  You can take a class when they are offered.  There is limited seating but the class and demonstrations are live and so is the feedback.  Subjects are extensive, there is something that can benefit any artist with what we have to offer.  Check back frequently to see what is coming up.  

Our mentor-ship program is much like private instruction.  We work with you personally on your own skill building, creating exercises and projects to develop the weak areas of your training.  We also work with you on work habits, scheduling your weekly study time, and helping you focus on your brand. 

We can also act as a personal art director, helping you complete lengthy projects and/or acting as another eye to help you complete your work.  With this platform we can help you develop a product/project from idea to production, with as little or as much guidance and direction as you see fit.