Color Theory

All of these books in this section are worth picking up.  In my opinion, each book is a piece of the whole pie for the subject of color theory and all of these books should be carefully studied and exercised.

Click To Buy – Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter (James Gurney Art)

By James Gurney

The Book in Three Sentences:  This is the definitive encyclopedia for color use in 2D art and every artist should have this in their collection.  The book thoroughly covers every concept of light, how it affects what we see, and how an artist would utilize these concepts.  There are fantastic illustrations to illustrate each and every point in the book.

Click To Buy – Interaction of Color: 50th Anniversary Edition

by Josef Albers

The Book in Three Sentences:  This is a fantastic book on the many different ways that color works, from the surface interaction to the colors working in opposition or harmony with one another.  This is a book for any type of artist, and is a useful studio manual for everything from painting to graphic design.  The book breaks down different color theory systems, recipes and color effects.

Click To Buy – The Elements of Color: A Treatise on the Color System of Johannes Itten Based on His Book the Art of Color

By Johannes Itten

The Book in Three Sentences:  Considered the definitive color theorist of the 20th century, Johannes Itten’s book has been the standard text book used in universities around the world for over 50 years and includes color theories, recipes, formulas, effects, and illustrations for every topic.  If you can find the larger version, The Art of Color, it includes exercises that this primer book does not, but it is very expensive.

Click To Buy – The New Munsell® Student Color Set 3rd Edition

By Jim Long

The Book in Three Sentences:  The Munsell color system is our modern color theory/fact and industry standard.  This is where hue, value, chroma are charted and defined, complete with swatch matching exercises to help comprehend the difference in the three color properties.  This edition is a bit more difficult to find but this version is absolutely worth getting.