Tools and Supplies

The pages below are links to all the supplies we recommend and use in our professional carriers, and these are also the tools we use in the classes taught here at Lemenaid.  We have student and professional ratings on the supplies so you know what you are purchasing for the price. 

We feel that when you are first learning how to draw or paint, there is a period of time where you are just practicing the application process and during this time because of the quantity of exercises more materials will be used and therefore a more affordable price range is attached to materials that are “almost” really good.

When the time comes to make the switch to the pro-grade materials the student will have a much stronger understanding of how to work with the tools and the tools will feel better, more control, more flexibility, less material required to do the same thing the student grade materials do.

For you professionals, these are some of the best materials on the market mostly hand made, made from superior and genuine materials, archival, and longer lasting.