The books on this page are collection books that we find important to have on the shelves because of the significance of the artist and these books are sometimes the only place to find  many of the pieces the artist has done.  Some of these books are already harder to find as they are out of print, but using many of the used book search engines and amazons used books section, they can be tracked down.

Click To Buy – Golden Age of American Illustration: F. R. Gruger and His Circle

By Bennard B. Perlman

The Book in Three Sentences:  This hard to find collection is a must have for those who are thinking about creating large scale, epic, fully loaded with figures scenes or simple but effective story beats done in a loose and graphic, cinematic style.  These graphite drawings are absolutely incredible, suggesting so much detail without all the fuss of tightly rendering them.  The compositions, the grouping, the use of light and shadow, all inspiration for Howard Pyle and all of his successful and famous students, Norman Rockwell, and many other big name illustrators we now admire and emulate.

Click To Buy – The Art of Dean Cornwell

By Daniel Zimmer

The Book in Three Sentences:  This book is very well printed.  It is a current collection book of the amazing artist Dean Cornwell, and most of the images were shot from the originals.  There are sketches as well as a little section on his process.  This is a must have if you intend on getting into epic novel illustration, book illustration or cover work, or just to admire because the work is so good and so bold.