On this page you will find relevant exercises to help you expand your skill and dexterity.  Just like a sport, the arts require manual dexterity to create with the tools of our trade.  Dexterity can be increased, refining the eye, the hand, and building objective motions and movements with deliberate intent.  There is a misconception of “what to practice” when we do.

There is a need in all things but especially trades like art where progress sometimes seems to be defined by reaction from others more than our own knowledge of or reaction to improvement.  Chunking down the Problems we have to solve, such as taking head drawing and breaking it into the tools that it takes to make that drawing, and practicing each tool until a comfortable and manageable level of self governing can be established will help the individual gauge which parts of their head drawing they need improvement in and isolate the problems into manageable exercises to work them out.

We have broken down these free exercises into several specific categories based skill level.  Much like athletics, these exercises should not just be done a few times and forgotten, they should be a daily pattern of warm up for you as to maintain your skill level and to edge forward in your personal development.  A big part of what we do in our curriculum is based upon objective output that both we can all easily evaluate for growth.  What you see here on the following pages reflects this idea.