Digital Painting Supplies

These are the best digital supplies on the market for artists.  I have included several different grades of hardware from less affordable to top grade.  There are also several different grades of draw screen technology here, pick the one that is most affordable to you.

DokiWear CG Art Glove

Click To Buy – DOKIWEAR CG Glove

Description:  I am thoroughly impressed with my glove, it allows my hand to glide over the surface in any temperature and breathes nicely through the palm and with the covered fingers.  The suede reinforcement on the pinky side of the palm gives the glove a solid reinforcement I have not felt with other brands.  This is a must have if you digital paint day and night all year round.

Wacom Intuos Draw Art Tablet Medium Size

Click To Buy – Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch digital graphics, drawing & painting tablet Medium: (CTH690AK)

Description:  If a drawing screen is not in your price range, the next best thing is the drawing tablet.  The Intuos line has always been the go to and this new version, the Intuos Draw is no exception.   You can paint with any line width or level of transparency with the over 2048 levels of sensitivity.

XP-Pen Digital Drawing Monitor with Drawing Glove

Click To Buy – XP-Pen Artist13.3 IPS 13.3-Inch Drawing Monitor Pen Display Graphics Drawing Monitor with HDMI to Mac cable and Anti-fouling Glove (Black)

Description:  One of the few competitors on the market that can compete with Wacom, this draw tablet works really well and is a third of the price of Wacom’s Cintiq companion without all the extra cables and boxes.  It also has 2048 levels of sensitivity, very competitive with the other best digital drawing tools on the market.

22″ Wacom Cintiq Draw Screen

Click To Buy – Wacom Cintiq 22HD 21-Inch Pen Display Tablet, Black (DTK2200)

Description:  This is the best draw screen on the market.  As expensive as it is, it will last a good long time and the resolution is incredible.  With 2048 levels of sensitivity it’s as close to real painting as you can get.