Mentorship Program

If this is your first time doing art, a student, breaking in to the industry, or a professional looking to skill build, this program personalizes your learning to fit your time constraints, offering you exercises that can be easily accomplished, and then challenging you with projects that integrate your exercises into your already established work routine.

This is a very personalized program.  We send you some questions to answer that will help us get a much better understanding of who you are, where you’ve come from as an artist, and what your goals and expectations might be.  That information is then transformed into a training routine for you, at your speed, with thorough demonstrations, hand-outs, and whatever other personal guidance you might require.

We really want to help you improve your skills, get you to that next level, or help you get into the industry of your dreams, and this program can help speed up that process immensely. 

Downloadable PDF coming soon.

Coming Soon