Quicksketch is a discipline of consolidation, taking what you have trained to do in long form and compress it into bite sized blocks of time committing to the same quality of finish.  This craft is about observation and the ability to react to it, and the more foundation you have under your belt the better off you will be making fantastic illusions in implied 3D space.  Whether looking for gesture, or doing a technical anatomical study, rendering notan or searching for design, contour or shape language, quicksketch or gesture drawing is a practical way to exercise skills, quickly study a person, place, or thing, or take quick notes for later use.  

Gesture Drawing is one of my favorite disciplines, and many of the following images explore the above mentioned topics mostly in charcoal on smooth newsprint.

5 minute form studies

3 variations of 5 minute studies

3 minute notan studies

4 variations of 5 minute sketches

3 minute flow and notan gestures