Personal Art Direction

Have you ever wanted an art director that could help you clean up, improve, find the holes, give advice on what to do, when it comes to putting together a personal project and/or taking a project to print?  This program is the solution to your problems or project needs.  

From the years of experience both working on developing projects as well as directing them to completion, Lemenaid offers you whatever assistance you might need to complete that personal project, whatever that project is.  The range of projects we have developed or contributed to is very broad, from hard goods to soft goods, books to e-books, videos, games, and animations, our assistance and our contacts is far reaching.

Why do we do this for anyone with an idea they are committed to completing and putting out into the world?  We buy stuff that is entertaining and of a high quality standard, and we would like to continue buying more quality products, which means we are willing to offer you creative direction and advice on that project that we hope “will” succeed in producing.

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