I carry a sketchbook everywhere I go.  There is so much value in that little book, or collection of books now.  Every moment we live can be a trigger to a great idea, and like dreams, ideas can go away really fast.  Sketchbooks are idea nets that we capture ideas, concepts, and thoughts within.  They are an extension of our memory, the physical part of it, a part that helps us reflect and recollect thoughts, people, places, and more.

I do not have any particular favorite medium to use in a sketch book but I do tend to use more permanent media so that they don’t rub away onto the opposite page when I carry them with me.  I also use a clip board and loose print paper as a form of sketchpad when I am rifling through ideas.  They are not bound pages but still function in a similar fashion.  The following are a collection of location sketches, ideas, thought, and concepts from sketchbooks and clipboard drawings. 

Westlake Greenhouses Abandoned  –  Media:  Gouache on Bristol Plate

Midway Sketches  –  Media:  Ballpoint Pen, Gouache on Bristol Plate