Music is my muse.  Everything I do has a soundtrack along with it, in my head or playing in something near me.  I love sound, music, pulse, rhythm, and as an artist I use it to help me get through my creative battles, projects, and chores.  I also enjoy trying to capture it in an image.   As strange as it might read, when I am off in the flow with my art, every brush stroke is a note, the canvas a song.  The strokes you see  in the pictures are guided by sound, their length, breadth, width, intensity, and vigor.  

The following images are my attempt at capturing the sounds in pigment or pixel, my feeble attempt at extending that note, long after it has been played and  has drifted off into the ether.

Lost In the Found!  –  Oil on Canvas

Wailin’ Away!  –  Oil on Canvas

Jared Jammin’  –  Oil on Canvas

Harmonizing the Hammers  –  Oil on Canvas

The Blue Dawgs  –  Oil on Canvas