Figure Drawing Supplies

These tools are what I recommend to all of my students for learning figure drawing in the first few semesters of training when there is a lot of repetition and turning out many different exercises.  they are good materials but inexpensive and disposable.  

Click to Buy a Box – General’s 557 Series Charcoal Pencils 4B each [PACK OF 12 ]

Description:  Generals 4B Charcoal Pencils – Of all the Generals Charcoal pencils these are the most diverse.  They hold are sturdy enough to apply pressure and go dark but also firm enough to make great sharp edges when needed.  This particular soft pencil will also hold up to razor blade sharpening without crumbling and falling apart.

Click to Buy – Faber-Castell Erasers – Drawing Art kneaded Erasers, Large size Grey – 4 Pack

Description:  There are many brands of kneaded erasers on the market but these happen to also have a great carrying case to prevent the eraser from picking up all sorts of fun debris when stored away.

Click to Buy – White Newsprint, 30 lbs., 18 x 24, White, 500 Sheets/Pack, Sold as 1 Package

Description:  While I do recommend that long term art be crafted on archival surfaces, practice is something that requires you blaze through a lot of supplies making mistakes to figure out how to correct yourself.  During this practice period use disposable materials to keep you focused on learning and not worrying about wasting the expensive materials on terrible work.  There are pads out there that come in 50 or 100 sheets but I recommend that you buy in bulk as it will be cheaper in the long run.  All newsprint is pretty much the same grade, the pads are not any better than this stuff.

Drawing Board with Best Clips

Click To Buy – Heritage Arts SB2326 Artist Sketch Board 23.5 inches x 26 inches

Description:  There are several different drawing boards on the market but this one has the best clips available.

Superbox of Flat Blade Razors

Click To Buy – OEMTOOLS 25181 Razor Blades, 100 Pack

Description:  These are the blades we use to sharpen the pencils for life drawing.  The box might be overkill but its the same price for this as a box of 10 at the art store.