I grew up with the skateboarding culture.  Mine was very different from what it looks like today but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying where the sport is now.  It plays out like Tony Hawk Pro Skater and with a skatepark in every major city kids finally get a chance to practice to skill build instead of the skill of dodging police from busting a session up.  I will never grow old of the sport and can’t help but continue to contribute to the culture.  

I have done hundreds of board graphics, logos, designs, ads, corporate repackaging, and product designs for the action sports industry, but I find I have the most fun when I am illustrating it, whether fictitious moments or recapturing a famous one.  I can’t get enough of the energy, the bustle, and the raw physical artistic expression of the sport.  The following are various images from a few projects I am currently working on and a few images to reconnect with my past.  I did a horrible job cataloging the work I have done for this industry so I really have no quality road map of all the work I have done, and this is just a shard of what I have done.

Shawn Turner Nose Grind  –  Media:  Photoshop

Skatin’ with Katin!  –  Media:  Oil on Canvas

Diego Najera’s Monster Flip  –  Media:  Oil on Board