Color Theory Supplies

The supplies on this page are for the color theory I learned from Sebastian Capella.  The color theory I learned is science based, and is an adaptive language of the Munsell color system.  The supplies on this page are suggested for use to practice this theory.

These are also the recommended supplies for my color theory class.

Primary Palette Colors

This is the traditional color theory palette used by colleges and universities from the mid twentieth century up to current with only a handful of schools still using it.  This palette coincides with the Munsell color system and mixing all of the color swatches in the color sphere.

Titanium White
Click To Buy – Artists’ Oil Color Paint Size: 1.37 oz, Color: Titanium White

Description:  Purchase the biggest tube you can of this paint, you will go through 5x the amount of this over most of the other colors.

Cadmium Yellow Pale

Click To Buy – Cadmium Yellow Pale 37ml Tube

Description:  This color is extremely chromatic, another color that other brands fall short of matching.

Cadmium Yellow Orange

Click To Buy – Da Vinci Oil Color 37 ml Tube – Cadmium Yellow Orange

Click To Buy – Da Vinci Artists’ Oil Color Paints: Price Series 4, Cadmium Yellow Orange, 150ml Tubes

Description:  DaVinci is the only brand that still makes this color.  I once had Blue Ridge Oil Paints mix and match this color but that is the only other brand on the market that has come close.  I suggest the 150ml tube to make it last.

Cadmium Red Light

Click To Buy – Cad Red Light 37ml Tube

Description:   This color is tricky to match, every brand is very different from each other and this one is the brightest out there.

Alizarin Crimson Gold

Click To Buy – Alizarin Crimson Gold 37ml Tube

Description:  There are two versions of this color, the Gold version is the one used for this color theory method.

Red Rose Deep

Click To Buy – Red Rose Deep 37ml Tube

Description:  While there are other colors on the market that look similar, when you add white to the hue this one is a one of a kind and can only be found with DaVinci paints.

Ultramarine Blue

Click To Buy – Ultramarine Blue 37ml Tube

Description:  Other brands make a similar chroma for this particular hue but this one is exceptionally clean and chromatic.

Cerulean Blue (Hue)

Click To Buy – Cerulean Blue (Hue) 37ml Tube

Description:  There are two versions of this color, genuine is darker and less chromatic.  This is the more chromatic version of the hues and best for the color theory.

Viridian Green

Click To Buy – Viridian Green 37ml Tube

Description:  On its own the color can be a little awkward, but mix it with any other color and the mixture produces some beautiful hues.

Ivory Black

Click To Buy – Ivory Black 37ml Tube

Description:  This is a very clean transparent black and mixes nicely with the other hues.

Extra Colors/Extended Palette

These next few colors are a part of the original theory but Sebastian omitted them because he said they could be mixed with the colors on the permanent palette.

Yellow Ochre

Click To Buy – Yellow Ochre 37ml Tube

Description:  This is a clean and chromatic yellow ochre that doesn’t compare to any other in the industry, nice and colorful.

Chromium Oxide Green

Click To Buy – Chromium Oxide Green 37ml Tube

Description:  DaVinci’s Green is nice and clean, chromatic and a little less opaque than most brands.

Dioxazine Purple

Click To Buy – Dioxazine Purple 37ml Tube

Description:  This  purple, mixed with the red rose makes a fantastic warm purple.  This is another color by DaVinci that they have made more chromatic than other brands.

Brushes and Mixing Knife

The brushes below are the best brushes to use to study with, and they go along with the concepts of the chroma studies that this theory practices.

Robert Simmons Signet Brush Filbert Size 2

Click To Buy – Robert Simmons Signet Brushes 2 filbert 42

Description:  This is a fantastic brush for blocking in the drawing on canvas.  These are very dependable brushes and hold up their point well.

Robert Simmons Signet Brush Filbert Size 6

Click To Buy – Robert Simmons Signet Brushes 6 filbert 42

Description:  These are the brushes used to cover the canvas with color, the heavy lifters of the painting process.

RGM Traditional Palette Knife #003

Click To Buy – Traditional RGM Palette Knife 3

Description:  This is a very flexible and wide blade, perfect for mixing colors.  It is nice and durable and holds up to the pressure applied when mixing paint.

Inexpensive Palette

The palette pads that can be purchased are too expensive and very limited both in size and the number of sheets.  Freezer paper is the same paper and is much cheaper, larger, and by length should last you several semesters.

Freezer Paper/Palette Paper Substitute

Click To Buy – Reynolds Wrap Freezer Paper 18″ Boxed

Description:  Palette paper is expensive and is cut to the size of a palette and come in pads of 20 – 25 sheets while this roll of freezer paper is the same paper, comes in a roll, and is half the price of the palette paper pads.

Cleaning Supplies

These are the best paper towels to purchase for studio painting.  They hold up under stress and do not fall apart.

Scott Shop Paper Towels – Durable

Click To Buy – Scott 75143 Scott Shop Towels, Blue (3 Rolls, Pack of 165)

Descriptions:  These are heavy duty durable paper towels that do not flake apart or pull apart in the brush hairs.

The Best Brushes in the Biz

Click to Shop Direct – Escoda Brushes

These are the best brushes on the market, hand made, hand milled, cared for by people for the sake of a great product.  The shapes of the tips are strong and springy, and their handles are of a superior build, well balanced and worthy of their cost.  They also have a very resourceful site as well as support the art community with some great posts and show of support with their ambassadors.