This page is a collection of books that relate to the art of animation.  These books range from character design and animation to background design and layout, storyboarding, and more.  All of these books are thorough and very well detailed in their technical advice, worthy of the shelf for animators, comic artists, and illustrators.

Click To Buy – Chuck Amuck: The Life and Times of an Animated Cartoonist

By Chuck Jones

The Book in Three Sentences:  Although this is biographical, there is so much useful technical information on the art of animation in this book, and it is highly entertaining.  He tells stories of starting in animation, starting their studio, and the technical problems that they had to work out in order to achieve the action they were able to portray.  Chuck also describes many of his memorable episodes and the inspiration he had creating them.

Click To Buy – Sketching for Animation: Developing Ideas, Characters and Layouts in Your Sketchbook (Required Reading Range)

By Peter Parr

The Book in Three Sentences:  This awesome manual is filled with exercises of every kind, from non-narrative and feeling, to objective and mood driven.  Fantastic explanations accompany beautifully illustrated examples for each exercise in the book, and some inspiring words about finding your own voice.  There is also a section with some great interviews by the best animators in the business with inspiring, pertinent questions answered.