Suggested Reading

The following links are to pages with suggested publications to read and study from.  The art world can be more than a little confusing with so many options available with “how to” books, videos, reference material, etc.  We have put together several pages of links to our important publications, and our favorites, descriptions about the content and why we like these publications along with links to purchase them.  The list of subjects below is a list of topics that we teach here at Lemenaid and in many ways this serves as our suggested reading list for our students.

We’ve arranged them into several categories to make it easier to find what you are looking for.  They have also been arranged in a sort of order of importance, with the most current, most informative, most complete, starting at the top.  If any book is on these lists, they are important. 

For those of you with a budget, and want to know what books to purchase first, I would use the order to help you pick.  Some of these books are old and hard to find but still worth getting if you can track them down.

Check back often for updates.