Studio Supplies

We’ve collected together a wide range of supplies for the art studio including digital equipment to make the workflow, gathering reference, viewing reference, and storing supplies easier.

Best Easel Light (But Not Really Cheap)

Click To Buy – Revelite for the Easel

Description:  This light comes in 3 lengths, each increasingly expensive but if you canvas paint all through the night it makes sense to get a light that covers the width of your canvases evenly without that ring of preferred light as a work around.  The other fantastic feature is that you can upgrade to a battery pack, without need of a plug so you can take these with you to do live paintings, night landscapes, etc. wherever you wish.

A Very Good Art Table Light

Click To Buy – BYB E476 Metal Architect LED Desk Lamp, Swing Arm Task Lamp with Clamp, Eye-care Drafting Table Lamp, Dimmable Office Light, 4 Color Modes, 6 Brightness Levels, Touch Control, Memory Function, Black

Description:  This is a very versatile desk lamp, solid construction, and the joints are solid, they don’t slip over the day.  The lighting is one of the best features that includes a dimmer and a temperature adjustment switch to allow for any lighting condition from the low 5000K up to 7500K.  This is very much worth the price and is a far better upgrade to the old dual bulb art table lamps.

Great Studio Easel Light

Click To Buy – Daylight Company U33900 Professional Artist Lamp, 24-watt

Description:  This is a great, sturdy easel lamp that adds balance to the lighting on your canvas.  It is light weight and not awkwardly balanced so it can be clamped almost anywhere to the easel without falling over.  There are a few other lights like this on the market, over time I hope to have all of them over here on this page.

Desk Mount Arm for Cintiq’s

Click To Buy – LX Desk Mount LCD Arm

Description:  This desk mount arm by Ergotron is heavy duty, sturdy, and can support the weight of a Cintiq.  I recommend one of these so you can easily change the angle of your screen to suit your drawing/designing needs.

Rue Wall Easel

Click To Buy – Rue Wall Easel

Description:  If you are short on space but need to get those canvases complete, this wall mounted easel is just for you.  There are two sizes to choose from and very little mechanical confusion to work with.  With this and the Revelite you will have more than enough room to paint and so much more.

A Perfect Portable Light Table

Click To Buy – A4 Ultra-thin Portable LED Light Box Tracer USB Power Cable Dimmable Brightness LED Artcraft Tracing Light Pad for Artists Drawing Sketching Animation Stencilling X-rayViewing

Description:  These portable light tables are a fantastic upgrade to the otherwise cumbersome old school light boxes, thin, durable and easy to travel with.  The box has a dimmer switch with several grades of light to choose from and can plug directly into your computer without the need for a power outlet for the light table.