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The Nine Club Set

Best to View This on a Home Computer or Laptop.  Ambient Audio and Animation Nodes DO NOT WORK ON DEVICES currently.

We’ve all been watching Chris, Roger, and Kelly now for a few years.  The set keeps getting more elaborate, but ever wonder what the rest of the space looks like?  Well, here it is, Roger Bagley’s pimp lair, the infamous East Wing and the Tropical Paradise Pool, located in sunny downtown Santa Monica.  With his family inheritance (his great great great grandfather invented the paper bag), Roger now owns the largest block of land in downtown Santa Monica and the Nine Club has set up shop in this urban paradise.  Come on in, check it out, dig around and get to know a little more about the crew.  Wherever you see a Nine Club Skate Wheel click.  Some of the links have yet to be filled but there is still plenty to see.  Enjoy the dig.