Water Media

This Page focuses on water media, mostly watercolor, but there are also a few books on gouache and acrylic as well.  These books mostly focus on various techniques, and there are a few on the list that are fantastic reads, filled with gems of wisdom about the craft.

Click To Buy – Ways with Watercolor (Dover Art Instruction)

By Ted Kautzky

The Book in Three Sentences:  If you can find the original instead of this Dover reprint pick it up, the reproductions are better and there are a few more pages in the original than in the reprint.  Regardless, the information is excellent, and the step-by-step instructions are very thorough and comprehensive.  The book covers various materials and how to use them, wash techniques, dry brush techniques, comments on composition and many various approaches to finishing landscapes.

Click To Buy – Watercolor (Dover Art Instruction)

By John Pike

The Book in Three Sentences:  John Pike’s work is very inspiring and exciting to look at with its bold shapes and clean colors, which also attracted Disney to him, who hired him as an instructor for their artists.  This book is full of his fantastic work and a clear and comprehensive step process to go along with each piece.  The instruction in this book is spectacular, and the wisdom he passes on is invaluable.