Ron Lemen Links and Galleries

Links where you can find Ron Lemen

These are several links where Ron works, instructs, sells, and shows his work on the internet.

Animated Illustrations

These illustrations have been animated in Photoshop, After Effects, and Adobe Premiere.

360 Paintings

Here are some 360 Paintings and Projects recently developed in Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Garden Gnome Software.

Portrait Drawings

This section is filled with portrait drawings in various dry media over the years.

Portrait Paintings

There are many different portraits in this section, from commissions to demonstrations and illustrations done in oils, gouache, and watercolor media.


There are various genres and clients all tossed together in this section. At some point I will try to separate them out from the various industries.
The media varies: gouache, watercolor, digital, oil, acrylic, mixed media

Art of Music

In this section there are various paintings from shows and publications painting sound and the musicians that make it done in oil, digital, gouache, and mixed media.

Quick Sketch (Gesture Drawing)

These are various pages done in quick sketch classes, warm ups, and demonstrations. The medium here is mostly charcoal unless otherwise specified.

The Art of Skateboarding

From some of the many decks I have done to current illustrations, commissions, and project art, this is a section dedicated to craft that woke me up to my art.

Landscape Painting

Mostly in done in oils, this section is a various collection of plein air paintings, studio works, studies, demonstrations, and commissions.

Video Projects

Over the years I have developed many little trailers, odd little animated clips, and experiments. This is the growing collection of one of my favorite new mediums.

Figure Drawings

This gallery has various drawings and demonstrations from life over the years and current classes I am instructing.

Comics and Storyboard Art

As I dig through my hard drives I will add more to this section. These are various projects, pages, pin-ups, and covers I have done in the comics, film, animation, and game industries.

Figure Painting

Various commissions, studies, projects, and demonstrations of the figure in oil.

Concept Design

As I am allowed to, and as I dig through my drives, I will post more in this section, character, creature, environment, prop, vehicle, and HUD design in this section from the game, film, and animation industries.

Still Life Painting

Surfaces and textures are practiced through the art of the still life. Here are several of my studies and finished paintings.

Sketchbook Pages

Continuous input, taking in your surroundings, pulling from the imagination, studies, comps,
the many things that end up on the pages of a sketchbook can be found in this gallery.

Gesture Sketching in Oil Paint

Landscapes, portraits, figures, this gallery is filled with sketches in oil paint that are done under one hour, many of them under 20 minutes.
I love gesture sketching in this medium, there is so much potential with it.